Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, JD!

My little boy is two today! He is so much fun and I enjoy him much more than I thought I could ever enjoy a boy! He's still sweet and cuddles often and says the funniest things-- "Licious" (while rubbing his tummy) or "grave, Mommy!" (wanting to sing Low in the Grave before bed).

For his birthday we got him a scooter so he doesn't have to commandeer his sister's anymore. We had a fun lunch with friends, where plenty of boys taught JD how to play in the snow. Then we went to the mall where he did everything he always asks to do, but the answer is always no...candy, ice cream, riding the electric rides, and getting a ball from the toy machine...what else could a boy ask for? Dinner? Pizza and french fries, followed by, what will most likely be, a Mickey Mouse movie and a bath. It's fun being two!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow!

I know, most people say, "what's the big deal?" But when we get snow here, we all jump outside with cameras and take pics before it all disappears. I even woke Shelby up early so she would be sure not to miss it. Of course, that was before I realized it would snow for more than 12 hours nonstop and we'd get just over a foot of snow! So the initial pictures really aren't worth much.

The kids mostly lasted about five to ten minutes at a time before appendages were too cold and the whining began. I don't know how often people let their kids play out in the snow, but it sure is a lot of work!

Snow Angels from my Snow Angel was a highlight.

Snow makes any place beautiful! What a great picture of God covering our sin and making us pure and clean. It sure was quiet and beautiful!

Having to shovel the driveway and help neighbors with cars that were stuck was the other side to our snow experience, not to mention sliding around the roadways. I'm not sure I'm ready to live in it yet(sorry, Jess), but we sure had a blast! And I hear more may be coming!

Christmas Festivities!

This is how Shelby helps Daddy put lights on the house. (No, I do not condone this one bit)

I know it's blurry, but this is how JD helps me do my Christmas baking.

We took the train ride in Filmore known as the Polar Express. Shelby was relieved that we didn't go across ice or up and down mountains. It was a fun time with Nema and Poppi. And hearing Jason call, "All Aboard!!" like 20 times was priceless too.

Christmas tree hunting was quite the chore this year. After 10 tree lots we settled for a tree that we didn't particularly love, but it was all worth it, not having to tell Shelby she would not be able to get her tree that day (the tears were starting to well up). Now I like our tree and hopefully next year we won't be as picky.

We went to an LAPD family Christmas party with Aunt Amy. It was fun with the cousins and Shelby was excited to wear her Christmas dress, which she wants to wear every day. Jason got a train whistle from Santa and you'd think he struck gold. I love that the little things are so amusing to a two year old.