Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Well!  My life will look much different for the next school year!  We are taking a break from homeschool and the kids are ecstatic to be at Westside Christian school this year.

My cutie patootie Kindergartener is ready and looking handsome...

And my third-grader looks way to old, if you ask me, but I know she'll do great!  She is already so excited to reconnect with her bestie from Kindergarten.

And what will I do you ask?  Well, I think I might clean my house by a cleaning schedule!  That'll be a change.  And I get to hang out with my littles.  I'm excited to have time with them and enjoy their big personalities.   Yes, I'll do that, but first things first.... I had to catch up on my blog!

Summer in Review

We had such a busy summer!  It flew by and I can't believe it's over!  Summer does tend to be long though when it starts mid-May and ends in September.  Here are a few summer highlights.  Unfortunately, since bloodspot changed everything up, they are in reverse order.

We ended the summer with a trip to Bass Pro Shop, then camped out in our backyard (a promise we made that didn't get fulfilled until the last possible day).

Of course the AV Fair is a highlight every year.  The kids have such a blast.  We couldn't get Jason to do the Muttin' Bustin'.  Maybe next year...

Swimming was a big part of the summer.  My "middles" (as I call them) took lessons, so four weeks of the summer were spent at our local country club pool.  Jason swims well and is now pool-safe.  Ashley...well she learned to be in a pool and cry with someone she didn't know (she loved swimming on her own with just a noodle though).  Again, maybe next year.... 

 Other than that, there was gymnastics camp for Shelby, an overnight beach trip, plenty of playdates (and some random colds that spoiled other playdates), Summer in the Son at church, and in case you didn't know, the Kings won the Stanley Cup.  That was a summer kick-off adventure!

Okay, so now that I'm caught up, I can post back to school pics!  After all the above I was ready for school to start (except maybe they getting out the door at 8am part).