Saturday, October 03, 2009

Our Turtle Story

About 2 weeks ago our neighbor showed the kids her turtle, which she kept in her garage. Then last Monday, Jason decided he wanted a turtle. Picturing a silver-dollar sized turtle we could keep in a tank, I told him if he wants a turtle for Christmas maybe he should start praying for one. The very next day, as I was going to pick Shelby up from school, I open my garage and there was a desert tortoise walking up my driveway. Not wanting it to get run over (and since it was in my driving path), I put it in a box on our porch and called my neighbor to let her know her turtle had escaped. She eventually came over and informed us that this was not her turtle. It doesn't belong to any of our neighbors. So for the time being, we own a turtle, which JD has named "Lightning." It was a very cute way to teach Jason that God answers all kind of prayers!