Friday, October 31, 2008

Jason's belly dance

After a bath in the sink, JD decided to show off his dancing skills. I think the towel costume helped put him in the mood.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Steph and Suzie

Here is a brief update on our Sweet Suzie. She is doing great! She is now 6 pounds! She is slowly learning to take her feedings through a bottle rather than a feeding tube. Steph feels a bit more like a mom now as she can hold her at will, change her, dress her in clothes, and bath her. Lord-willing she will be able to come home in a couple of weeks. Praise God!

And baby makes three?

I was unaware this picture was being taken (do we ever want this side of us pictured?). However, it got me thinking! I find myself out and about like this often and wonder, "where on earth will I put a third child?" Two hands, three kids? I know many who do it, so if you have any tips feel free to pass them along. I'll find out by next summer I suppose! =)

We're Back!

JD HAD to ride in the car, of course.

"Mee-kah" is the only character allowed to get close to JD. Mickey is his favorite.


Ready to go to "hu-ah" with Daddy.