Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Jason!

Happy Birthday to my sweet 5-year-old Jason! He has THE sweet smile of anyone I've ever known. He gives the best hugs and still loves to snuggle with his mama. He is a typical, rambunctuous boy, but is thoughtful and funny. Five years ago I was so thankful for his long awaited birth and I still think he was the most beautiful newborn ever! Happy Birthday to my Boo-Boo!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jason's Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party

The Motley Crew

...walking the plank in pursuit of the treasure
tiptoeing past Tic-Toc Croc...
Coley beating it out of the pirate ship piƱata.

My boy turns five this month, which means he got to plan a big party for friends. He's been talking about the said party for six months now and had the same four friends on his list. I convinced him to do a pirate party, since it goes with his favorite show. He's spent the last two months making "pirate maps" and planning details like what order we should do everything! I had fun planning the details, like the treasure hunt, and decorating for the party, but I'm sure glad we only do these parties every few years!


This is our cabin that we stayed in with my parents.
Jeff and Jason bonding while barbecuing...precious!
Highlights: Jeff's beautifully bbq-ed turkey!; not having sleep in the same room as kids anymore; remnants of snow and a quiet mountain atmosphere; relaxing, stress-free time in a cozy cabin; spending Thanksgiving with the greater Case clan at a massive cabin they had rented nearby; sledding at a nearby snow park (see our Christmas card).

Challenges: none to speak of on this part of the journey! We didn't want to come home! But we'll never forget Shaver Lake entirely drained.


Our family had a WONDERFUL vacation this year! We spent 4 nights in Yosemite and then 4 nights in Shaver Lake over Thanksgiving weekend. WE were so excited to show our kids Yosemite (a childhood favorite vacation spot for both me and Jeff). It may have been a little cold for them to fully appreciate it though.

Highlights: Snow on the way into Yosemite (chains required); Walking around, enjoying the sites of Yosemite and bringing back all the memories of going there as kids; kids ice skating for the first time; BEAUTY of God's creation (one of them asked "is this real?" which is a clear indication of too much Disneyland).

Challenges: 6 of us in one hotel room (sleeping with a new kid every night is not always enjoyable); 32 degree cold during the day; car sick kid (not a pretty sight).

Catch Up

What we're up to this, of course!
Monkey see, monkey do...that's my Ashley. She wants to "do school" all the time, which means she practices things like colors and body parts and then she gets a candy. Of course, she HAD to have a school picture taken.
And apparently she needed to be in Big Sister's photo too. Shelby started second grade this year. I really couldn't ask for an easier student. She really teaches herself A LOT! But I'm really enjoying my time with her this year. She's one smart cookie!

My sweet boy started preschool this fall. He is finally ready to sit down and learn (rather than the running around learning he did for the first 4 1/2 years of his life). I decided to teach him at home this year and he's doing great!