Sunday, May 04, 2008

Our First Passover Seder

Ever since I got my grandmother's seder plate I've wanted to host a Passover Seder. So this is it! What an awesome worship service a seder is! I encourage every believer to make it to at least one Christian Seder in their lifetime. We hope to do one every few years to give our kids a taste of their Jewish and Christian heritage. Maybe you can join us some day!

Our guests this year were Steph and Kyle (and Sanderson baby yet to be named) as well as Ken and Kristie (split on opposite sides of the table so their boys could sit together), Bill and Rachel, and Steve and Brittany. Also, my mom was there to tell and show me how it is done!

Thank you to those who attended! It was very neat to share that with you!

Big Boy Fun

JD is discovering the fun of being a boy. His first find was a lawn mower,
which never seems to get old!
Daddy's Mustang is the other toy. I know it doesn't look like he is really enjoying himself in the pictures, but he wanted to drive and didn't mind the loud roar of the engine one bit! He's his daddy's boy!

Poppi's Flowers

Well, like all good Antelope Valley people we too took poppy pics this year. It was the year for them! And I'm convinced we went out on the best day too! It was fun to take Poppi out to see his flowers (Nema's flowers weren't there). We all enjoyed God's artistic ability to spread Cheetos across the hills.