Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shelby turns 8!

Well, our girl is now 8.  She is very sweet and smart.  Sometimes I think she's 10, with how mature she is.  I'm so grateful that she is my first.  I'm not sure what I'd do without her because she helps me so much!  She still does little girl things like playing with Barbies, playing so well with the littler kids, and she's very much a daddy's girl.  I definitely still want to keep her small, yet she has lost her two front teeth and wants to grow out her bangs.  She's growing up faster than I'm ready!  She is an avid reader (yea that my good lit. curriculum worked) and this year she picked up piano and she's running with that!  What a blessing our Shelby-shu is!

For her birthday, we took her and a friend to the American Girl store for lunch.  It was a cute and fun lunch.  But I know the highlight of her day was going to the beach afterward.  Well, that and all the dessert she got to eat all day (she definitely has her mama's sweet tooth).