Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shelby-Shue Is FOUR!

My girl is now a four year old! She had a dalmation party and enjoyed time with her friends.
Duck, Duck, Goose or Puppy, Puppy, Dog (her request)
pictured with Victoria and Andrew

Sweet smile while we sing.

As it turns out Dalmation party stuff is hard to find so I did my best. I stuck with the black and white theme and of course posted 99 little puppy dalmations around.

Thanks, Hallie, for the great pictures!


We weren't planning on going to Disneyland again until September, but then we won sneak peek passes for the new Toy Story Mania ride at California Adventure so we couldn't miss it. We spent half a day down there and took Presley with us. The ride was fun (though Shelby was scared), that is, until it broke down a little over half way through the ride. We had to be escorted off. But we did get a sneak peek version of it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Colorado Fun

Another Colorado page...I know this picture seems random, but it's a funny story...
We attended a VBS performance with our friends and Shelby got coralled onto stage with the other preschoolers. My friend, Heather, offered to save her, but she wanted to stay up there. She knew none of the songs, but seemed to fit right in with the other kids her age! She doesn't mind performing one bit!Shelby is on the left behind the girl in yellow.
She was chewing gum so she kinda looked like she was singing!

Little man cheered on his sister and danced in the aisles. He's a little charismatic.

Shelby making friends with Melody.

Shelby got lots of attention on her birthday. We traveled home that day and at least two dozen people wished her Happy Birthday in Denver Airport.

Colorado Friends

After knowing each other for 25 years the three of us have countless pictures together! These are my life long friends and we thought it would be so great to get pics of us and our mini-me's! Each of us has a daughter that is our mini twin! me with Shelby, Jessica with Natalie, and Heather with Melody

And this is the brood that the three of us produced! Ten kids in all (I'm a little behind). But hey! I've got it easy compared to them!

"Bosom friends"
....If you don't get it you haven't watch Anne of Green Gables enough.

Jessica and Ryan Skagerberg, my wonderful hosts for the weekend! Thanks guys! I love you and can't wait to visit again!

Colorado Visit....Julie's Wedding

Our family friend, Julie, got married on June 7th and we were able to go down to Colorado Springs for the wedding. All Shelby's little friends (the Skagerberg girls) were in the wedding. Natty and Shelby, bestest girlfriends.

Though Shelby was sad to be left out, all was forgotten once the dancing began. She danced almost the whole time and at one point she was the only kid out there with all the adults. (JD danced too, mostly running around flailing his arms.)

Disneyland Birthday

For Shelby's birthday we really wanted to let her do Ariel's Grotto lunch with her cousins. They met all the princesses and had a lot of fun spending the day with the whole family at Disneyland.
Shelby had the important job of helping announce the coming out of Snow White. She took the job very seriously.

Uncle Ryan loves to spike Jason's hair.

Jason loved his "bu-loom", which we got him once Shelby was DONE for the day.

May Family Vacation cont.

The beach was BEAUTIFUL when we were there. Jeff and Shelby played in the sand and JD...well he couldn't get ENOUGH sand--that is, throwing it, scooping it or eating it. I was going to post a picture of his messy face, but the video does it so much more justice! He even threw some sand on Jeff's stomach while he was sleeping, leaving nice spotted tanlines. I don't have a picture of that, but you can ask to see them, they're still there. =)

May Family Vacation

We spent a few days near Disneyland in May. Here are my favorite pics from Disneyland (I won't put too many since we seem to have an abundance of Disneyland pics on the blog). Fun time as a family!