Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sea World Mini-Vacation

Sea World here we come!We decided to venture back to Sea World for a bit of family time. We spent a day and a half there. Both kids were a lot more adventurous and less scared this time.
Shelby thought she was so brave to hold the star fish (which I guess you're not allowed to do anymore..oops), but this time she ventured out to touch bat rays too. JD didn't seem to think star fish were scary, but most everything else was terrifying the first day.
The second day Jason was a lot less scared. He would say "look at dat!" and "oh a lil' baby" if he thought something seemed small.
We stayed at a beautiful Hilton right across the bay from Sea World. It was way nicer than places we normally stay thanks to Hotwire (I recommend you try it!).

Dusting of Snow

We got a little more snow last week. Shelby doesn't look forward to it anymore because she just thinks it's cold and wet. But this time Andrew was over, so they had lots of fun running around while the flakes came down. It didn't stick, but it sure was pretty while it lasted.