Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jared did pretty well. He's declared himself king of the little waves! Posted by Picasa

I did get up on the board and here's proof. By the angle of my shoulders, you can tell it didn't last long. Posted by Picasa

Jared, Tom and I tried surfing again. At least we entertained Shelby. Posted by Picasa

She did pretty well. She didn't fuss utnil the last two minutes of her hair cut. Posted by Picasa

Shelby got her first haircut at Kids Cuts. Posted by Picasa

Mom and dad come up to have dinner with us one night while we were in Wrightwood. Posted by Picasa

Shelby and Denise hung out at the campsite while Jared and I went fishing. Posted by Picasa

Jared and Shelby at Jackson Lake. Posted by Picasa

Denise and Shelby on our first camping trip. Shelby was constantly putting rocks and sticks in her mouth. Posted by Picasa

Shelby enjoyed her first trip to the beach, but she hated the sand. Posted by Picasa

Here we are getting our lessons: (lef to right) Bryan, me (behind the instructor) Scott and dad. Posted by Picasa

We went surfing for Tom's 33rd birthday. I got up on the board a few times. It didn't last very long. Posted by Picasa

Denise did her own version of Kiddie Kandids in the livingrooom. Posted by Picasa

Playing in the pool on a hot summer day. Posted by Picasa

Shelby loves playing on her swing! Posted by Picasa

Shelby playing at home. Posted by Picasa