Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Six Years of Mommyhood

Shelby Lorraine is six years old today!

My sweet girl is so fun. She has the most genuine smile of anyone I know. She is so sweet to her siblings, especially the baby, and she is a very sensitive girl. She's also intuitive and smarter than you think. She figures things out quite quickly, which makes talking in code a bit difficult. I love her innocence and I pray that she stays that way. My hope for her over the next year is that she continue to grow in love and knowledge of our Savior and that she learn the joy that comes from working to serve Him. What a PRECIOUS gift Shelby is to our Family.

Happy Birthday, Shelby!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Our Little Cupcake's First Birthday

"The Cousins" (minus the birthday girl)
Shelby 6, Presley 4, Jason 3, Cole 19 months

The fun cupcake pinata we found for our little cupcake's party. Well, this was for the bigger kids of course.
Ashley wanted nothing to do with the cake. She'd barely even try it! She enjoyed the singing and blowing out the candles, but no fun face-full-of-cake pictures for this little girl.

She DID however love the present opening! Ashley politely played with each toy. Go figure that what is usually the hardest part of a one year old's party, was the easiest for this little one!

Our family of five....hard to believe that next year there will already be a 6th added to our midst!!! Yep, in case you missed it, we are expecting #4!

Precious Beach Pics

When I am gone, leaving the kids with Jeff, he constantly sends me pictures on my phone to show me what I'm missing (I'm sure there is no guilt trip intended=)). Here were my favorites from when I was in Colorado. So sweet of my two big kids!