Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rockets with Daddy

Daddy oh so loves that he has a boy. He dug out the rocket stuff from his Dad's garage and has taken the kids out launching rockets twice. Uncle Ryan bought Jason a astronaut helmet to help with the launch sequence. JD never gets tired of telling how the rocket shoots up in the air...that's his favorite part.

Pics of the Littler Ones

I've been taking a lot of pictures of Jason and Ashley because I wanted a good picture to send in to the Beautiful Baby Search (on Regis and Kelly). Why is it that when you need a good picture, you can't get one? Well, here are a few decent ones. Keep your eyes out, I'm hoping maybe their little faces will flash on the screen when they show hundreds of the thousands they receive for the contest!This is the one I used of Ashley. I love the elf ears.

This is not the one I used for Jason, but was the best one I took. Turns out I could use a December pic so I used one from his birthday because he was giving my favorite, sweet smile.

Did not use this one, but I had to post it for the cheeks. She's not chunky, but is known for the big cheeks!