Friday, September 17, 2010

Camping pics 3-Family Time

The alligator stump. Shelby was a bit afraid the first time she saw it, thanks to her daddy's teasing that it was a real alligator.

Daddy and Baby at sunset.

This shot was taken with Jeff's iphone. Sometimes he takes better pics with that thing than I can with our camera!

The evenings were, by far, the nicest part of the day. The marine layer burned off about 4pm and it was beautiful. That's when we enjoyed long walks.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Camping pics 2- TIDE POOLS

So there were some REAL tide pools at Carpinteria Beach. I don't mean the kind that only had dried out sea anemones (though those were there), but we actually saw some cool sea life! Thanks to Jeff's iphone, Shelby and I did a little research one afternoon, learned some definitions, and some specific life to look for. And wahla! WE had a field trip on our hands. Yeah! Thanks, God for putting your amazing creation in a place so easily accessible to us!

The tide pools completely disappeared at high tide, which was around noon. You couldn't even see the tall rocks under the surf. That was the time to enjoy watching the seals and dolphins swim by. It was like a wildlife excursion! Great for a new homeschool mom like me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camping pics 1-CHEESE!

Ashley has a new "cheese" pose. I have no idea were it came from, but it must be something she learned at the beach. She thinks she's awfully cute doing it though.
I like the old school look of the above photo. It could have just as easily been taken of me or Steph when we were little!

Here is the closest we could get to catching her doing it. This post is really for Steph, so you can see what a big girl she's becoming!