Monday, February 25, 2008

Family Vacation

For our vacation this year we went to San Diego in the middle of December. As if the holiday season wasn't busy enough! It was the perfect time of year to be down there though, and the weather was perfect. We had a great time with the kids. We were really able to enjoy our time as a family of four.

Sea World was what Shelby was looking forward to and she really enjoyed it. It's the "little mermaid" side of her.

Shelby-shu "bravely" held the sea stars. We couldn't get her to touch the bat rays or dolphins or even sea urchins. She was so proud of herself for holding the sea star that she made us go back before we left so she could prove herself to us once again.

On JD's official birthday we just laid low to give the kids a chance to rest. This is my healthy pot-belly boy turning one!
"HALLELUIA! Thank the Lord for ice cream!"

Jason enjoyed the zoo. He liked to scream excitedly at all the animals.

Up close and personal with a polar bear!

Daddy and Jason watching the sea lion show.

We ended our vacation at the USS Midway, otherwise known as "Poppi's ship." Shelby was quite disappointed when she realized Poppi wouldn't actually be there, but we were able to find his squadron's plane.

JD's Popo Birthday Party

When he opened a present that he liked, JD would squeal in delight. Notice the P3 (training officer) stripes on his sleeves. Just like his daddy.

As if December weren't crazy enough, we did celebrate JD's first birthday this month (in the future he will have to wait until January!). We had a Police theme and Auntie Steph made this wonderful cake.