Monday, August 24, 2009

Piratey Fun

Poor JD doesn't have any dress up clothes. I saw these masks and pirate toys at Michael's for half off so I got them for playtime. The kids and Daddy had fun in the back yard playing sword fights and throwing canon balls at each other.
The little pirates and Peg-leg Jeff.

By the way, if anyone is planning a Pirate birthday party all the stuff at Michael's is on clearance and is really cheap! I'm a little bummed that JD insists on a Cars birthday party this year.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Fun Away from Home

Jeff has enjoyed taking the kids to Dry Town this summer. Ashley and I tagged along the last time. Since the kids were deathly afraid last summer it has been fun to watch them play.

I did one trip around the lazy river with the kids.

The baby was an angel which, if you keep up with our family, is a miracle in and of itself. The swimsuit was a photo's the only time I've dared to even take her near the water.

Summer Fun at Home

Shelby has been on a creative, artistic kick lately. On days when we are home she spends much of the day coloring or drawing. This was a chalk drawing she was proud of one day...her garden. I was impressed with the snail! =)

Goodbye Great-Grumpy

We had to say goodbye to another family member this month. My grandpa on my mom's side passed away at 92. He was so special and generous and love my kids so much. It was fun to see a 92 year old interact with the little ones. This picture was taken the last time we saw him healthy. I'm so thankful for this picture as it is the only one I have of him with Ashley!