Saturday, December 15, 2007

Can he be One Year already?!

My sweet girl!

November 2007

Thanksgiving found us with the Case family in Shaver Lake.

No surprise that Jason loved this holiday full of yummy food.

We stayed in an adorable little bed and breakfast...warm and cozy.

Fall fun means OU football in this family. What good little fans!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween, I mean "Fall Festival"

This is no different than a typical day for Shelby, as she loves to dress up. This time I actually curled her hair so she was definitely feeling the part, and was so dainty and proud. Boo Boo was a cute little Tigger, but it really made no difference in his day. The highlight, however, was when Daddy wasn't watching and he managed to eat half a candy bar (too bad there is no picture proof of that one)!


For Cubbies we had a Heroes Night. Shelby was Queen Esther and Mommy was a PoPo.
Our little escaped convict. At least he is a good eater!

Fall fun at a local pumpkin patch. Drew and Shelby enjoyed the bounce house and super-high slide.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jason David is 9 months!

A very accomplished photographer friend of mine took some great 9 month shots this month. =) Here are only a few of my favorites!

September Play Time

Lots of time to play lately! One of Shelby and Presley's favorite things to do is dress up. Of course, who needs toys when you have an empty diaper box to play with?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

August 2007

Rolling, crawling, and pulling up all in a couple of weeks....he is so proud!

And here is a big girl with big girl hair!

Zoo Day

We went to the LA Zoo in was HOT! Shelby's favorite part was the monkey house--that and carrying around her ticket. Jason's favorite part was the ice cream we ate.

My double stroller

Why did I buy a side by side double stroller? Shelby fits quite well in the cargo basket!

July 2007

The epitome of my children's personalities...Jason's fussy face (looks just like his daddy) and Shelby in pretty hair, a pretty dress (which she insisted on wearing) and tennis shoes so she can run around the back yard.

Summer Swim!

You've GOT to love the "tushy" picture!

Both kids just loved the water this summer! Shelby took swimming lessons and is completely pool-safe and loving it. Jason likes to splash and kick in the water--clothed or naked. The Fourth of July was REALLY hot and only cooled down to about 100 degrees at a 7pm. Thankfully we had access to a pool! Both kids enjoyed it.

Mellow Baby

Really...he isn't always this mellow! He has an angry, wild side too, but let's just enjoy this!

June 2007- Shelby turns 3!

Our little lady turned 3 this month. Grandparents sure do know how to spoil a girl for her birthday. She got a doll house from Nema and Poppi and a Shelby Mustang from Grammy and Papas.

Summer Beach Days

We made it to the beach a few times this summer. Shelby loves rolling around in the sand and JD likes eating it. We went with Bobo and Ryan and they helped Shelby build a sand castle. Good family time!

Disney Days!

Shelby never got tired of posing with characters or putting on fun clothing.

We got good use of our Disneyland passes in the month of May. We went with Shelby's bestest girlfriends--Sunny, Natty and Bella. Then we went with Nema and Poppi. And of course we met our Disneyland buddies, the Zekos, for one last day of fun before our passes expired.