Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Festivities

Every year Auntie Amy has a work party (LAPD communications division) for the kids with face painting and Santa and cool Po-Po vehicles.

The Sanderson/Case/Wahler goodbye trip. We stayed in a cabin for two nights with fun games, baking and Christmas movies. Fun and Christmasy!

There is the Christmas concert at Shelby's school. Very sweet to watch our little girl sing about Jesus.

We had a cookie play date where we made nativity scenes out of cookies.

Our best little Christmas present this year. Evidence of God's blessing in our lives this year.

Merry Christmas Eve!

All spiffied up and ready for Christmas Eve service.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Today is our Jason's third birthday. I'm so thankful for such a great boy! JD is so sweet and loving. He is great at giving hugs and still loves to snuggle. He loves his sisters and is always the first to hug Shelby when we pick her up from school. He enjoys making Ashley laugh and every time he says, "She like me!" He really has an excitement for life. He enjoys sports and anything that travels. He gets so excited when he sees trains, buses, and even trash trucks. My favorite quote from when he opened his presents was, "Oh my goodness. Look what me got! It's so cool!" Jason add so much joy to our lives.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

What the kids are up to...

Shelby is all about school. She loves it and is learning so much. Here is the traditional Kindergarten Thanksgiving feast costume...a right of passage for every kid, I think!

Jason potty trained himself the week of Thanksgiving. Well, I guess I initiated it, but I CANNOT believe how easily he caught on. I was shocked! He had 1 or 2 accidents the first three days, then started telling us when he had to go. After a week he was completely accident free. Yahoooo!!

P.S. Yes, I'm aware that, in a few years, JD will probably be horrified that this picture is up for the world to see.

Ashley started solid foods this month. This is the face she made after every bite the first time. She still has very little interest, though she enjoyed the mashed potatoes and yams on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving #2

This one is for my aunts! I thought you'd like to see your folks enjoying their great grandchildren. =) My kids are blessed to still have two great-grandparents around, after saying goodbye to one of them this year. We are thankful for family! We have so many special family members so close by.

Nema had lots of fun with her grandkids at our celebration. All these kids just love their Nema.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving #1

We had a great Thanksgiving at Aunt Amy's new house. So fun!

She does have a reputation in the family for being a little turkey sometimes.
But she's a cute one!

A Peek into October

I apologize to all of you with a blog addiction. It has been two months! I have all the usual excuses, but also somehow I reached a max on the number of pictures google would let me publish. Of course I only found that out last week so that excuse doesn't go very far. But here are my favorite three from October....okay, now let's move on to November already!