Friday, July 17, 2009

Can I post a link to your blog?

Hey, if you follow my blog, and you don't mind if I list you under my blog list, please leave a comment. I have a hard time finding all my friends' blogs and I'd like to post them here so I can easily find them all, but I don't want to do it without your permission. (Except for Steph =))
Please let me know if I can!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On the Lake

The kids really enjoyed swimming in the lake. The water was nice!

Safety first!!
I loved this life vest we borrowed for Ashley. She was actually quite comfortable in it...for about 10 minutes.

The kids loved fishing, which they've become interested in lately, mainly because of Daddy's iphone fishing game. No one caught anything this trip....pretty much what I remember of the little fishing I've done in my life.

And while everyone else enjoyed the sun, this was Ashley's happy place on the boat. She likes to be enclosed in tight spaces so she slept quite nicely in this little duckie bathtub.

This was the chosen spot for a little memorial we did for Sharon on her birthday. We tied our two boats together and did a devotional, and said goodbye once again.

Shaver Lake

All the Cases went away to Shaver Lake last week to celebrate what would have been Sharon's 60th birthday. It was beautiful and fun, especially for the kids.

One of the highlights for the kids was a large fire pit in back of the big cabin. The cousins had fun making smores, playing and getting filthy back there.

This was our cozy little cabin. It was really nice and perfect for our family.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fourth of July Fun

Happy Fourth of July!!!!
I was so excited to have matching dresses for the girls! Thanks, Britt!

Ashley is now seven weeks old. It is fun to see her shed some of the "newbornness."

This was Ashley's cozy spot for watching fireworks. She wasn't bothered by them at all, feeling safe in Papa's arms. Favorite memories...Jason's reaction to fireworks like "Wow, that a big one.....that huge...that amazing...that a popping one!" Two is such a fun age!

This and that...

I like this picture. It's a great one of the girls. And then there is Jason, already trying to jump into pictures. He did his own hair, by the way.

It is funny to say that Suzie looks big, considering she was less than 2 pounds when she was born a year ago (on July 18th). But Praise the Lord, Suzie is doing great!