Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March...Silly Kids

Shelby found a new way to get out of eating tonight. I came downstairs after leaving her to finish her dinner and this is what I found. Okay, you don't have to finish!
Oh, and I just have to add...this was taken at 6pm and Shelby was out for the rest of the night. She slept all the way until after 7am the next morning!

Smoosh face. I love watching my kids just being kids!

Bad to the Bone!

March...Easter Week

Happy Easter from the Case Family! God is so faithful in what He has done for us!

The bond of cousins.

Little Man and his Momma.

He is risen! Easter morning we looked in the tomb, but there was only an empty cloth and an angel outside. The stone was rolled away!

This was the Easter Advent we did with Shelby (many of you followed along in email). Shelby was looking forward to putting Jesus on the cross all week.

Easter week started out with a snowy Palm Sunday...only in California could we have snow on Palm Sunday and 80 degree weather on Easter!

Monday, March 10, 2008

February...I couldn't resist

I've never posted a video on here before so I thought I'd try. This is JD, after refusing to sleep all day at Disneyland. He sure was determined to fight it, as you'll see.

Friday, March 07, 2008

February Fun

Got milk?
I'm telling you, this kid is all about cars!

Hot Rod Built for Two
This is Bella, one of the few girls pre-approved to marry our boy.

Girls' Tea Party
What could be better than getting dizzy with your bestest girlfriends?
Sunny and Natty, we love you! Wish you lived closer and we could have tea parties every day!

January Hair

Daddy is ready for Jason to copy his hair styling techniques.
Mommy is not quite there yet, but JD seemed to like it!

January...Disney Days

We are once again a family of Pass holders... Jason was very curious about the big furry paw on Mommy's shoulder.

She's still our sweet little Minnie... sometimes it's hard to get her to take the ears off when we're no longer at Disneyland.

"Okay, Dad, you'd don't have to hold on to me...I've got this ride thing down!"

January--All Dressed Up...

...and somewhere to go! We went to Wicked and had a nice evening out on the town.

January Snow Day

Snow Bunny

Okay, so we thought snow would be good in the local mountains. We drove and only found patches. It was quite pathetic really, but the kids had fun playing in the snow-- Jason eating it, of course, and Shelby throwing snowballs at Daddy.


The handsome men of the Case family.

Shelby's first "Happy Birthday Jesus Cake" that she decorated.

Christmas morning in our Christmas jammies.

"Do I get in it? Do I put stuff in it? Or do I take stuff out of it?"
JD didn't really get the whole stocking thing.

Bug's first bike. She got good at riding around the dining room right away!

"Is the gift giving over?" It's really NOT about the gifts!
But the kids sure get plenty of them.

Like good parents we took the kids out to break in their new rides.
Like bad parents, we forgot to bundle them warmly enough and
it was way too cold to stay out there for long!